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Advantage GPS now offers three, completely wire-free REVO GPS devices for you to choose from. They all give you reliable 4G LTE connectivity and take less than 10 seconds to activate.

  • No more failed or costly installations

  • No more wires to cut or concerns about voiding warranties

  • No more service plan subscriptions to negotiate

With REVO, you get maximum flexibility combined with powerful automotive analytics:

  • Automates the stips process

  • Includes rapid Repo Mode

  • Provides a guaranteed number of events

  • Options to best fit your loan term needs

With REVO, there’s no plugging-in or hardwire installation necessary. Just activate, place and GO!

Choose from 3 Wire-Free, Worry-Free REVO GPS Devices

Whether you want to track every event or need protection on a 4-year loan term, we have you covered.

Revo SmartStop - 3000 Events approx 1 year

Revo 3000 - 3000 Events approx 3 years

Revo 4000 - 4000 Events approx 4-5 years

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