GPS Dimensions  1/2" x 1-1/2" x 3-1/2"

GPS Features:

2 Minute Tracking-

2 Minute tracking allows the unit to capture a lot of data to help aide in the recovery of the vehicle. With doing the 5 minute pings it lets us create a Top Stops section.

Backup Battery-

Having the Backup Battery is great since it will give you an instant alert if the GPS is tampered with. Once removed from the 12v power it will last between 6-8 hours.

Tamper Alert-

The system will notice a change in power from the 12v vehicle power to the internal backup battery and send a email/text notification that the GPS has been tampered with.


With the GeoZone feature you can add an invisible fence around a location and be notified when the vehicle enters or exits this zone.

Impound Lot Alert-

Our team has loaded impound lots across the United States in the back end of the system so it will alert you when your vehicle goes into an impound lot. This is money saving feature to help you reduce the storage fees that can add up quick and not make it worth retrieving your vehicle out of impound.

Top Stops-

Top Stops tab will let you know where the vehicle stops at most. This will let you know where the loan is living, working, and stopping frequently.

4G Network

Having a trusted network that works across the US is what you want when it comes time to recovery your vehicle.


Depending on your initial airtime you purchase your warranty will last for that time. If you purchase a 1 year service GPS your warranty will last 1 year, 2 year service GPS your warranty will last 2 years, and 3 year service GPS your warranty will last 3 years

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